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Systemic coaching € 25,95
Systemic coaching

Coaching is not reserved for those who have ‘coach’ on their business cards. We all coach in some way or another.Coaching is not reserved for those who have ‘coach’ on their business cards. We all coach in some way or another. Although they may call it differently, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, managers, therapists and consultants, they all coach often. In Systemic coaching you learn how to apply your knowledge and skills from constellations in one-to-one situations. In every system people are a part of, there are patterns and trauma’s. Some are obstructive. Systemic coaching can give you knowledge, impulse and structure to deal with these blockages. Amongst other things, this book consists of a list of more than 40 commonly found symptoms in systems: what for instance is the cause and effect of abortion, a glass ceiling or fraud in a system? And what are suitable interventions?

Managing Cultural Dynamics € 23,50
Managing Cultural Dynamics

This book is essential reading for everyone working with culturally diverse groups.(English translation of the book: ’Normaal is anders!’)In today’s working environment, many different cultural identities meet and interact on a daily basis. Cultural complexity will not go away. Diversity challenges us to question perspectives and unconscious routines and, if embraced, can be used to generate great competitive advantages. The power inherent in such diversity can boost team productivity and challenge the status quo. At the same time, greater efforts are required to create team cohesion and achieve agreement on the best working procedures. Cultural dynamics call for inventive leadership, which regulates mechanisms of exclusion and resolves cultural misunderstandings. Managing Cultural Dynamics provides the reader with the language and the tools needed to release the potential creativity of culturally diverse teams. This book does not seek to offer ready-made solutions for unique situations, but rather presents a clear framework and practical interventions with which a safe, challenging and effective team culture can be created within any business. Bringing together the crucial ingredients for excellent teamwork: trust, participation and team loyalty.Jitske Kramer holds a Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology and has worked as a trainer and coach in the fields of leadership, teamwork and communication since 1998. In 2006, she founded the network organization HumanDimensions, based in the Netherlands.

Images and Concepts on the human being and his creations € 18,50
Images and Concepts on the human being and his creations

The images and concepts you find in this book can be seen as basic images that can lead us in how we develop and change ourselves and our organizations and how we understand dynamics of situations we find ourselves in. They can help us to sharpen our observation of the phenomena in situations, to see the steering principles that direct human behavior, to come to good judgements and perform adequate actions. These images and concepts can be studied and used by leaders and professionals. They are IMO concepts. In this book we will very shortly indicate the history of each concept development, the concept itself and the way one can work with this concept in the client practice.